Work Zone Planning and Coordination

Work Zone Planning

In the New York, New Jersey Connecticut Region there are more than fourteen transit and highway organizations that need to operate, maintain and enhance their respective facilities on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis, to ensure commuters have a reliable transportation system.

Ensuring that these agencies communicate with each other, and, coordinating the necessary work, plays a critical role in minimizing the impacts to the end user, the commuter. The Kisnn has tremendous experience in integrating and coordinating transportation construction information.

As the Director of Operations at TRANSCOM, Sanjay was responsible for the management of the Construction and Special Events Coordination Program.

These programs ensured that all agencies met on a regular basis to discuss upcoming projects and events. The ultimate goal of these programs was to ensure close coordination and communication amongst the agencies.

By openly discussing upcoming projects and events, agencies were able to better coordinate their work, thus minimizing or even eliminating the impact to the commuting public.

In addition, agencies were able to support each other by providing situational awareness to each other and their respective customers.

Sanjay played a key role in the development of the operational protocols and systems used in these mission critical programs.

He also led the efforts to automate these programs by developing a process to collect and integrate all the current and planned construction and special events information from agencies into a common database.

These programs also ensured that regular communication took place with the agencies to ensure that the minimal effect on the transportation network would be caused by the events.

He also managed all budgetary, personnel and operational issues.

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