Transportation Planning

Transportation Planning

Knowing where and when congestions occurs within the transportation network is key to determining where to spend the precious transportation funding. Transportation Planning plays an integral role in determining these occurrences within the project delivery process. Data analysis and performance measures are required to succeed at this effort. Kisnn has been at the forefront of integrating and analyzing transportation data and providing performance measures.

Sanjay was responsible for the review, testing, and integration of highway travel time data and transit real-time schedule used in all the modules of the SPATEL Suite of Tools.

SPATEL (Selected Priorities Applied to Evaluated Links) is a suite of web-based tools that incorporates this real-time data, from all the public rail and bus operators, as well as, all the roadway-based agencies in the region, into one database and made it available to all the agencies for analysis and situational awareness.

It also allows for the direct comparison of travel times on the highways with the travel time of the transit facilities in the region.

SPATEL’s performance measure module provides the information required to meet FHWA’s rule on national performance measures.

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