Transportation Operations Centers

Operations Centers

Traffic Operations Centers are at the heart of monitoring road and rail conditions, logging incidents, accidents, congestion, construction and special events. Without them, there is no situational awareness of road and rail conditions and no way of letting the traveling public know what to expect when traversing a multimodal transportation network. They are key to implementing agencies’ operations initiatives on the transportation field networks and in providing accurate data within the organizations and to neighboring agencies. Kisnn team has had broad experience dealing with the implementation, management, and operation of transportation operations centers.

Sanjay was responsible for the management and day-to-day operational activities of the TRANSCOM Regional Operations Information Center. This included all budgetary, personnel, and operational issues. The development of operational protocols and systems management techniques were also under Sanjay’s direction.

This center serves as the hub of a network of multi-agency operations centers numbering nearly 100 who share transportation incident, construction, and travel times. Key decisions on regional efforts and resource use are also made at this center.

As the Project Leader, Jim worked directly with Port Authority AOC staff to develop the Traffic Impact Monitoring Tool. This web-based application that produces a time-specific report that graphically presents information regarding incidents, construction, congestion, and other ad hoc information.

The Traffic Impact Monitoring Reporting Tool was also developed to provide an Administrator and Operator with the ability to easily configure, create and distribute multiple customized reports for concerned parties within the Port Authority.

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