Staffing Placements

Staffing Placements

The Kisnn team has over 40 years of experience overseeing and managing the day-today activities of a Traffic Management Center.

TRANSCOM’s Traffic Operations Center plays a critical role in supporting ALL the Traffic Operations Centers in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut Region. Ensuring that it was staffed with the most qualified staff available was of the utmost importance to our member agencies.

This drive to ensure that we have the best candidates for each position will ensure that we provide the right people needed during staffing placements.

Sanjay’s experience as TRANSCOM’s Chief Operating Officer and Tom’s experience acting as Chief Technology Officer, as well as, Jim’s extensive experience as a project manager, bring a well-rounded leadership group that will be able to pull experiences from various sectors of their careers to recruit and hire the most qualified employees for your needs.

Together, we create vibrant projects and dynamic experiences.

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