Operations Analyst (Shift work in 24x7x365 Operations Center)

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Kisnn Associates, Inc. a service organization focused on Transportation Operations, Transportation Planning, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Work Zone Planning activities is soliciting resumes to fill Operation Analyst positions at one of their client’s offices located in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Job Description/Responsibilities

This position requires working in rotating shifts, providing for coverage 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The Analysts are responsible for gathering and analyzing information on real-time conditions on the transportation network in NY/NJ/CT. This information is obtained from a wide range of sources, including transportation agency contacts, police/local agency contacts, scanners, and various Intelligent Transportation Systems implemented in the operations center. The Analysts confirm the information with the operator of the facility involved, evaluate the significance of the incident and its effect on various agencies, distribute the information to the affected agencies, and provide follow-up support and information to all agencies. The Analysts are responsible for identifying ways for agencies to notify the public of transportation-related problems by facilitating the sharing of resources such as variable message signs (VMS) among the agencies. The Analysts also monitor and operate the client’s Intelligent Transportation Systems (including but not limited to Closed-Circuit Television, Probe Based Travel Time System, VMS, and Event Management Systems) to rapidly obtain information on the regional transportation network, distinguish false alarms from actual incidents, ensure that the appropriate operating and police agencies are notified, and provide accurate and timely information to the agencies. The Analysts are responsible for maintaining accurate logs of all actions taken related to their functions during their shifts. The Analysts are also responsible for identifying, and performing preliminary troubleshooting of, mechanical, electrical, or system problems that may cause false alarms or missed incidents, or otherwise render the systems ineffective. This position may be located at one of their client’s offices.

Minimum Qualifications

Preferred Qualifications

To Apply: Interested parties should e-mail a resume and cover letter to Sanjay Patel at spatel@kisnn.com EOE.

Closing date for applying is November 1, 2019.

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