ITS Standards

ITS Standards

Intelligent Transportation Systems Standards are critical to sharing data and information amongst systems and applications.

The U.S. DOT established the ITS Standards Program in 1996 to encourage the widespread use of ITS technologies in our Nation's surface transportation systems. ITS standards exist within technologies deployed under the framework of the National ITS Reference Architecture and define how system components interconnect and interact.

Because ITS standards are based on open, non-proprietary technology, their use can facilitate the deployment of interoperable ITS systems and make it easier for state and local ITS deployers to develop and deploy regionally integrated transportation systems. Kisnn has been a key player in the development of some of these standards.

Both Sanjay & Tom, because of their vast knowledge of data sharing, integration, and analysis, had been selected to be members of the ITE Traffic Management Data Dictionary (TMDD) Standards Committee.

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