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Data Analysis

In today’s world, performance measures and data analytics are a way of life. Even the slightest variation in data can, in one way or another, determine the success or failure of a project. Again, The Kisnn has been at the forefront of this work.

Sanjay and Tom both had the vision of giving agencies the ability to check on the reliability of their systems to ensure that they were operating as efficiently as possible. But how could that be accomplished?

As early as 2008, Sanjay and Tom began to piece together a “Data Archive” database for both TRANSMIT and Incident Data.

Over the next ten years, technology and the availability of data to support analysis has grown exponentially.

Their first effort in data analysis was the “Data Fusion Engine (DFE).”

Sanjay was responsible for the development, review, testing, and integration of the DFE which integrates all the regional travel time and incident information from both public and private agencies.

Once completed, the DFE was the first system of its kind with numerous data sources used to build a master database. This DFE is internet based and is now shared with all the NY/NJ/CT transportation agencies and their consultants.

One specific use for the DFE is travel times. If you have ever seen a travel time on a dynamic message board along the highway in the region, the travel time you see is a direct output from the DFE.

Sanjay, Tom and Jim spearheaded the efforts to develop an incident database that could be used throughout the region for incident entry.

In early 2010, the Open Reach System was deployed for use by TRANSCOM member agencies for data entry for incidents, accidents, congestion and special event related information.

Today, Open Reach is another extremely powerful and robust data source that is archived and used for analysis in the SPATEL Suite of Services.

The SPATEL (Selected Priorities Applied to Evaluated Links) Suite of Services is a web-based solution that consists of fourteen tools that are used by planners and operations staff to analyze road and rail conditions.

Jim has worked closely with the Metropolitan Planning Organizations and the Bureau of Commuter/Mobility Strategies on the use of SPATEL and the assimilation of the Open Reach XML data as an additional tool for the development of short and long-term planning strategies and analysis.

Together, we create vibrant projects and dynamic experiences.

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