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Kisnn Associates Inc. is a service organization focused on Transportation Operations, Transportation Planning, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Work Zone Planning activities. Our company is SBE/MBE certified by the state of New Jersey and approved by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

The goal at Kisnn Associates Inc. is to be the most customer-centric transportation planning company. We aim to provide our clients with the highest quality of service.

“Your Goal is Our Mission” -- Our mission declares the purpose of the company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions.

Our Team

Sanjay Patel


Tom Batz


Jim Hadden


Nish Patel

Data Engineer

Bob Glantzberg

Director of Operations

Dhruv Patel

System Engineer

Sanjay Patel

Sanjay Patel

Sanjay Patel has 30 plus years of experience in Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO). He has extensive experience managing a 24/7/365 Operations Center (TMC/TOS), Data Analytics, Traveler Information and Transportation Management Systems, System Maintenance, Operations Planning and inter-agency coordination.

As Chief Operating Officer and Director of Operations at TRANSCOM, he was responsible for overseeing the 24/7/365 Regional Operations Information Center and the Regional Construction Coordination program,

In addition, he led the implementation efforts of the major ITS and Traveler Information systems into Regional Operations.

He also played a key role in the planning, development, and implementation, of TRANSCOM’s Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) program which helped data collection, data sharing, data integration, and data analysis for transportation management and traveler information systems.

Once deployed, he worked with the TRANSCOM regional transportation partners to develop a long-term maintenance and operations program to ensure that the ITS systems could be updated and enhanced to keep up with the ever-changing technology advancements in the transportation industry

He also has extensive experience working with and coordinating the efforts of key transportation professionals from traffic and transit agencies, as well as, public safety and law enforcement agencies throughout the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut metropolitan region.

Sanjay received his Associates of Science Degree from the City University of New York and lives in Monroe Township in New Jersey with his wife, Shilpa. They have two sons.

Tom Batz

Tom Batz

Tom Batz has over 40 years of experience in transportation and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

While Deputy Executive Director/Chief Technology Officer at TRANSCOM, he was responsible for overseeing the planning, development, implementation, and maintenance and operation of TRANSCOM’s multi-million dollar federally funded Intelligent Transportation Systems program.

These programs dealt with transportation data collection, sharing, integration, and analysis for transportation management and traveler information systems.

He also has a vast amount of experience working with and coordinating efforts of key professionals from both traffic and transit agencies as well as public safety agencies throughout the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut metropolitan region

He has chaired key data and technology working groups within ITS New Jersey and the I-95 Corridor Coalition. He has also served on the ITS New Jersey and ITS New York Boards and has been honored by both organizations by being selected to their respective Halls of Fame.

Tom received his Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

He lives in Burlington, New Jersey with his wife Terri. Aside from transportation, he keeps himself busy following his grand kids' sporting activities and keeping his gardens green.

Jim Hadden

Jim Hadden

Jim has over 30 years of public sector experience in advanced traveler information, data analytics, Transportation Systems Management and Operations and Planning, as well as, communications and public relations.

During his career, Jim was the Project Manager for:

  • The development and deployment of New Jersey’s 511 Traveler Information Program;
  • The creation, validation and integration of New Jersey’s travel times on Dynamic Message Boards (DMS) along New Jersey’s limited access highways, including the NJ Turnpike, Garden State Parkway and Port Authority river crossings.
  • He also worked closely with the Metropolitan Planning Organizations and the Bureau of Commuter/Mobility Strategies on the use and assimilation of the TSM&O data as an additional tool for the development of short and long-term planning strategies and analysis.
  • Managed the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s Traffic Signal Optimization Program;
  • Played a key role in the creation of the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s ITS Resource Center with the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).
  • During his tenure in Governor Whitman’s Administration he managed the day-to-day television and radio broadcast communication activities to ensure maximum exposure for the Governor.

He also worked closely with other Governor's Office staff members, members of the legislature, their staff, and other state departments to ensure a cohesive delivery of key messages.

He participated in the planning and execution of a wide range of national, regional and local public and private events which included bill signings, press conferences and briefings, photo opportunities, fund-raisers and media tours.

Jim is currently, Treasurer of ITS New Jersey and is a member of ITS New York.

Jim earned his Bachelor of Science Degree from the State University of New York and lives in Hamilton Square New Jersey.

Nish Patel

Nish Patel

Nish Patel has over 5 years of experience in Data Analytics, Software Engineering, Transportation Planning, Microsimulation, and Traffic Engineering.

With the emergence of connected vehicles, IOT, and other technologies, a massive amount of data is now available to make more informed decisions in the planning, engineering, and operations of transportation facilities. Nish specializes in leveraging these datasets with software engineering to solve traditional engineering problems more efficiently and effectively across the United States.

Nish was the lead engineer or project manager on the following projects:

  • NYC Work Zone Traffic Data Analysis – developed a data hub that consolidated traffic data from various sources across NYC. This data hub powered a web-based dashboard that allowed for better coordination on concurrent work zones across NYC transportation agencies.
  • Intro 144B FHV Study – analyzed billions of records of For-Hire Vehicle (Uber/Lyft/Via/Juno) and Taxi data to help support decision making on policies to update regulations on FHV’s in NYC.
  • BQE-Mobility Evaluation Tool – developed a mesoscopic simulation model in Aimsun for the entirety of Brooklyn and Queens (largest simulation model in North America) to support MPT planning for the reconstruction of the Triple-Cantilever portion of the BQE.
  • Traffic Signal Oversight – leveraged a Waze data feed to provide staff, facility operators, and stakeholders the ability to make data-driven decisions on the planning, operations, and maintenance of the traffic signals and roadways.

Using the experience gained from mega-planning projects in NYC and his programming abilities, Nish is able to bridge the gap between traffic engineers/transportation planners and software engineers/data scientists to create more robust data analytics platforms that enable data-driven decision making.

Nish received his Bachelor’s of Engineering degree from Cooper Union and lives in Jersey City, NJ.

Bob Glantzberg

Bob Glantzberg

Bob Glantzberg has nearly 30 years of experience in multimodal transportation management. He played an integral role in coordinating and disseminating information for transportation agencies along the east coast of the United States as it related to large scale events on behalf of TRANSCOM and the former I-95 Corridor Coalition (now known as the Eastern Transportation Coalition).

These events were often related to significant weather events. However, they also included events such as presidential conventions, Papal visits, national sporting events (including NYCs pitch to host the 2012 Olympics), major construction projects (planned and unplanned), terror attacks in addition to major transportation incidents.

As the Operations Manager and later Director of Operations for TRANSCOM, Bob led numerous multi-state regional coordination conference calls related to planned and unplanned bridge and tunnel closures, travel bans, public messaging, as well as recovery efforts as they related to major events that impacted the NYC region.

In addition, Bob assisted the TRANSCOM member agencies in developing and coordinating schedules as they related to significant planned events with a focus on avoiding conflicts. This included but was not limited to proactively working with the agencies to avoid performing construction/maintenance work on parallel/alternate routes/corridors that carried traffic in the same direction, or, to change/alter/amend the timing of these projects as it related to a significant special event.

He also played an integral role in creating, enhancing, and managing the data entry systems used by TRANSCOM and the member agencies. He worked with the software development team ensure all the systems constantly met the everchanging needs of the member agencies operations staff as it related to both highway and transit agencies.

Bob also led the subsequent training and implementation initiatives to ensure that operators were competent in the use of the systems, as well as, the seamless integration into the downstream applications that used the data. This included but was not limited to testing, troubleshooting, and approving both the data entry systems and monitoring tools used throughout the TRANSCOM Suite of Services.

Prior to joining TRANSCOM, Bob worked for Shadow Traffic in New York City as their helicopter reporter and later as the Operations Manager.

Bob is a graduate from the Center of Broadcast Training in Radio and Television.

He presently lives in Fairfield, Illinois.

Dhruv Patel

Dhruv Patel

Dhruv Patel has over 3 years of technical experience in various ITS projects. He has experience working in Agile Project Execution, Transportation Management Systems, and System Maintenance.

As a system engineer, Dhruv is responsible for supporting application & database maintenance tasks, monitoring scheduled activities, and responding to ad-hoc issues as they arise. Dhruv is proficient in monitoring of various transportation tools, data analysis, report development and GIS technologies.

By supporting the ongoing operations and maintenance of the systems, Dhruv has a deep understanding of the following:

  • TRANSCOM’s Data Fusion Engine (DFE) System - The Data Fusion Engine is a web-based analytics platform that enables organization to analyze transportation system performance based on key indicators. The DFE system collects data from multiple sources and merges the information into a single feed. The tool allows organizations to view a single source that presents an accurate representation of speed, travel time, and event information (incidents, construction, and special events) on highways and transit facilities. To accomplish this, the DFE system converts inputs to a geographically universal format, allowing for links, or segments of roadway, that may be different sizes in different user systems to match up into a universal format.
  • TRANSCOM’s Transportation Regional Event Exchange (T-REX) - T-REX is a web-based event management platform that that supports multimodal event creation for incidents, planned and active construction, special events, and an interactive map interface to view these events. T-REX is utilized in 30+ traffic management centers across the NY/NJ/CT tri-state region to standardize the flow of event/incident data across the region.
  • NJDOT’s Traveler Information System (511NJ) - 511NJ is a fully configurable system that provides real-time multimodal traveler information via various technology platforms including a website, mobile application, personalized email and text alerts, social media (Twitter), Voice Assistants (Alexa, Siri, Google) and an interactive voice response (IVR) system. This ADA conformant deployment also delivers real-time parking, CCTV video streams, as well as transit data.

Dhruv received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from SVIT Vasad, Gujarat, India and lives in Jersey City, NJ.

Together, we create vibrant projects and dynamic experiences.

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